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Hello Netizens of the World-Wide-Web! This is DJ Doug and we're here to talk with the legendary lead developers at Vera Visions about THE WASTES! Out now!
Marco: Thanks Doug.
Megan: Uh-huh.

DJ Doug: So what made you create a commercial video-game title in the first place? Lust for fame? Are you in it for the money?
Marco: Great question. Sometimes we don't even know ourselves. We just kinda ~do~.
We make stuff we think is freaking cool. Most of the time it works, sometimes it doesn't!

DJ Doug: Very true. In this day and age we see more and more people attempt to make videogames using game-creators and off-the-shelf engines - what made YOU decide to go with idTech?
Megan: We want our stuff to run on people their computers and have fun developing on it. idTech is to this day the greatest environment to work in.
Marco: We love idTech, modders love idTech. So hopefully modders will love our games!

DJ Doug: Tell us what features define The Wastes, putting it above everything else?
Marco: It doesn't take itself seriously unlike most of the crap coming out these days.
Megan: And you can run it on a Pentium II.
Marco: Yeah, and blow peoples legs and heads off. Cut people up with machetes and then blow their corpse up with a RC Car. Because you can.

DJ Doug: Sounds violent!
Megan: Uh-huh.
Marco: You can also spray grafitti next to their body with a matching insult when you're done.

DJ Doug: You're one of the few modders turned game-developers - any advice to aspiring game creators?
Marco: You'll need loads of coffee, focus and a lot of trial and error and prototyping. Keep going until you think you got something fun, iterate on it - just realize you'll never be fully happy with any outcome. Just ship whatever is good enough, get feedback and make it better!

DJ Doug: Sounds to me like there's no magic rule of thumb, am I right?
Megan: It's all about balancing whatever needs priority the most. Sometimes we want to pimp a ton of textures up because we're only 98,99% happy with them, but there are more urgent matters to attend to instead.
Marco: And don't think that first 3D-model will stay unmodified. Things change or get cut all the time. Just don't plan ahead too much. Just keep looking forward.

DJ Doug: Got any plans what you want to do AFTER this game? Will you keep going?
Marco: We've done stuff before it, so yes.
Megan: Probably another shooter. Maybe something a bit smarter.

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