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Here you can find links to some of our friends and partners!

Frag-Net.com is the EPICENTER of fragging PC Gamers! This is our pet project, which hosts access to hundreds of Quake multiplayer matches a month.

The #1 digital distribution platform for videogames! Brought to you by the folks who made Half-Life.

Our friends at Cobalt-57 are like us in many ways. Developers of hit mods such as Absolute Zero for Half-Life!

Alien Cow - The revolution starts now!
Developer behind Bullsquid.com and Prelude Online. Masters of the craft.

InsideQC Forums
The sole destination for development discussion around id technology and the QuakeC programming language.


The Wastes - Original Mod Website
The official archive of thewastes.net. Enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Wasteland Half-Life downloads... and other hidden content! By MGPalmer.

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