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The Wastes 1.05 Patch Notes
Thu, 17 May 2018 19:00:00 +0100

Hey there, we just pushed Patch 1.05! It includes fixes, and most important some new weapon-balancing tweaks. We’re looking forward to playing with all of you and trying out this new set of changes.

  • Attempting to mitigate the death-counter overflow (needs loads of testing due to funky VM behaviour)
  • Pistol damage has been recalculated completely, more buff and balance across the board
  • Several other weapons have been tweaked according to a new, internal DPS table
  • Fixed the grenade-cooking bug when sprinting
  • Fixed the grenade-exploding bug when switching from primary to secondary fire
  • Fixed the hud settings not saving after quitting the game
  • Lots of other tiny things to prepare for 1.1 and fixes

Now, we’ve been EXTREMELY busy working on 1.1. That’s going to be the first big update. It’ll introduce a whole bunch of crazy new features and visuals - but most importantly polish across the whole board.

We’ve also been doing some internal roadmapping towards the other updates. May I spoil that we might have some promising ideas for a Singleplayer? I think so!

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