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Update 1.3 - Here's what we've been up to!
Fri, 6 March 2020 7:55:00 +0100 - Link

Greetings, Wastelander.

You may be wondering where's the new 1.3 update for The Wastes and well... We have to come clean.

The Wastes 1.3 is still coming, but it will not be coming at the end of last year. Yeah... better late than never...

Due to technical issues, 1.3 had to be delayed, but this does mean you can expect more to come with this latest update.

However, we are not comfortable with announcing a new release date at this current time.

That's not stopping us from telling you guys some more juicy details about what to come in the wasteland.

New Feature: Mission Editor


Build single player & cooperative scenarios to battle on the wasteland.

While this is our current offerings for single player content, we're still open to future possibilities.

New Map: Oil Rig


These fossil fuels have long since dried up...

Revamped Map: Ramshackle


Ramshackle has seen many facelifts throughout its life and we feel we've greatly improved the map with this new version!

Various visual overhauls and a few layout changes have been done to the map since the version in 1.2.

New Gamemode: Team Anarchy

You asked for it and we delivered it. Classic free-for-all team based combat.

But more importantly...

New Feature: ICE support powered by Frag-Net

With ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) it is now possible to connect to other players' lobbies without the need to port forward your router.

But there's still more to come in The Wastes 1.3...


Remember... Everything above is subject to change.

We are listening! Please voice your feedback!

Join us on The Wastes' IRC:
irc.frag-net.com #wastes

What to expect from The Wastes 1.3
Tue, 20 November 2019 19:00:00 +0100 - Link

Hello Wastelanders,

it's been some time since the last major update. Here's some work in progress info about the upcoming, free update. Screenshots not final!

Let me go over the things you can definitely expect:

New map: Junkyard

Pic Pic

New map: Plagued Hospital

Pic Pic

  • Slight improvements to the visual fidelity, thanks to more advanced shaders, normal-mapping and specular highlighting. This was done to address the criticisms that we didn't push the tech we had far enough. You can turn any of these effects off as you please, though.
  • Gone over and made improvements to the level design. Vats of Goo for example has some drastic layout changes that improve the flow a lot. Some are cosmetic improvements, polish.
  • Tweaked feel, balance and more of the gun-play/weapons.
  • You can now change your weapon load-out mid-game by using ammo boxes.
  • Added a new item that will replace the explosives slot: Armor.
  • Added a new special weapon: The Flamethrower.

Something definitely happened to the vats full of goo while we were all gone!

...luckily. Someone closed the doors some places for layout improvements! And to avoid further spillage.

Although this one has taken the longest to work on thus far, because we had been trying to tackle the #1 concern people have with a multiplayer game like this: The lack of a steady playerbase.

A lot of multiplayer games are struggling with this, and smaller productions like these have it even harder. That's why we had implemented bots in the very first release.

It definitely entertains some players for some time, but others want more of a challenge and more of a goal to aim towards. So we experimented with different Singleplayer ideas.

A lot of them, frankly, just didn't work out in the game we had created. It was basically going to be a whole different production entirely - it just could not work out in time.

So we opted for some Player vs Enemy (PvE) elements instead.


The new INVASION mode has you fighting off a horde of pumped up Loonies. Those crazies have injected a whole lot of freaky stuff into their veins and explode quite easily. Some stab you with whatever they can find, some others throw explosives at you. They can't seem to hold a gun steady so they don't even try. However, they're absolute lunatics. Fend them off ALONE or with your buddies and see if you can survive!

We're still working on this update. There are loads and loads of other small improvements across the board. Lots of under-the-hood type stuff.


Subtle improvements to the popular map tw_dune, such as structural wires poking out of the debris, updated texture blending and texture updates are visible here. Just ignore those black buildings in the background - they'll get fixed.

We generally keep quiet until we're certain about how we go forward.

About half a year ago, it all looked quite different. You always come up with ideas, try them... tweak them and they just aren't any good.

There's even more coming in 1.3 that's not even announced yet. You'll hear more about it very soon.

The Wastes 1.3 will be out soon.

The Wastes 1.2 Patch Notes
Mon, 24 December 2018 19:00:00 +0100 - Link

It's finally here - The Wastes 1.2 is now live, with improvements across the board.


Introducing 2 NEW maps, Operation Snowbound and Bunker.

A changelog would be way too large to display. We've applied thousands of changes and fixes, it's safe to say that very few things have been untouched. Happy fragging!

ALSO: Please delete your config files if you encounter any issues upgrading or have difficulty seeing servers!

Config data location on Microsoft Windows:
My Documents/My Games/The Wastes

Config data location on Linux/SteamOS:

The Wastes 1.1 Patch Notes
Thu, 21 June 2018 19:00:00 +0100 - Link

We’ve been working on refining so many things since releasing 1.0. One of the things that we did for 1.1 is to go over all the maps, redo the lighting and make it all flow better.


The map ramshackle was completely overhauled to mirror the mod-version in layout and lighting.


Finale has seen a similar type of polish, with the vault-entrance area being redone in a head-turning fashion.


The Dunes has seen a drastic change of lighting, using the very same light values that were used by Postman in the mod-version.

Grime has seen a number of cosmetic changes and some slight alterations to the layout, to improve the flow and to make items more visible.


A new map has been added, too. That one is titled Recotta Alley and is not based on any map of the original mod. I always wanted to work on an industrial park/backalley type map, so there I went and did it. It will definitely see a series of enhancements and updates in the future!

Updates to the vehicles are still coming, but we shifted their priority away from 1.1 as we wanted to get all those changes and improvements out there as soon as possible. Working with new physics and mechanics requires a longer time of development and testing.

As said before, we are going to seperate the vehicle component a bit more. We will not give up on them entirely, however they’ll find their place and I assure you we’re going to make them a lot more fun (intentionally fun!).

Here is a changelog of all the major code-changes:

  • Added bot skill system
  • Added a warning to let you know if you’re joining an out-of-date server
  • Added violence settings into the customisation menu
  • Added caching for loadout and skill attributes
  • Added icon on the HUD for when you’re carrying a flag
  • Added third-person death cam
  • Added spectating of players
  • Added new Sawed-off shotgun animations
  • Added new Winston 1884 animations
  • Added a mutator for turning sprinting on
  • Added support for the cvar sv_gravity
  • Moved routing engine for the bots into the engine for better CPU performance
  • Rewrote bot AI from the ground up to take items, health and mission objectives into account
  • Tweaked grenade throwing and fixed a bug in which cooked grenades don’t make a sound
  • Fixed the akimbo pistols not having a proper recoil upon firing both guns at the same time
  • Fixed the double-shot muzzleflash issue with akimbo pistols
  • All sorts of stability fixes across the board

The Wastes 1.05 Patch Notes
Thu, 17 May 2018 19:00:00 +0100 - Link

Hey there, we just pushed Patch 1.05! It includes fixes, and most important some new weapon-balancing tweaks. We’re looking forward to playing with all of you and trying out this new set of changes.

  • Attempting to mitigate the death-counter overflow (needs loads of testing due to funky VM behaviour)
  • Pistol damage has been recalculated completely, more buff and balance across the board
  • Several other weapons have been tweaked according to a new, internal DPS table
  • Fixed the grenade-cooking bug when sprinting
  • Fixed the grenade-exploding bug when switching from primary to secondary fire
  • Fixed the hud settings not saving after quitting the game
  • Lots of other tiny things to prepare for 1.1 and fixes

Now, we’ve been EXTREMELY busy working on 1.1. That’s going to be the first big update. It’ll introduce a whole bunch of crazy new features and visuals - but most importantly polish across the whole board.

We’ve also been doing some internal roadmapping towards the other updates. May I spoil that we might have some promising ideas for a Singleplayer? I think so!

- Older news are in the Archive

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